Antoine Najm, a Christian political thinker, wrote this charter after 40 years of active spiritual, intellectual and political life in Lebanon. The charter summarizes the aspirations of those of us who believe that Lebanon is more than a country, a resort, and a refuge.  More profoundly it is “a mission” of peace, conviviality and witnessing.

This charter needs no introduction, explanation, or apology. I present it here as a renewal of my own ‘Faith and Oath”.  I want it to be a reminder to those of us who may be less steadfast, who may be losing hope, or who may be starting to neglect their undying duty to their faith, land and people.

No matter what our mood and where we may find ourselves, we can rekindle our faith and renew our oath.  Let’s repeat this “Faith and Oath” for Lebanon, spread it throughout the world, and resist both injustice and totalitarianism as we uphold human dignity! 

I declare that

I, a Christian descendant of this Orient, deeply rooted in it and by my very existence, express the permanence of free Christianity and emphasize my faith in the incarnate Christ, His teachings and His plan of Salvation;

Believe that Lebanon, sovereign and independent, is an enduring country founded on the free will of both Christians and Muslims; is an entity based on true equality among its sons and daughters, and is a land of openness, dialogue and interaction. Any diminishment of this identity of Lebanon violates the irrevocable truth;

Testify that in this Orient, Lebanon is an oasis of freedom in all its dimensions, and notably total freedom of religion, for which countless martyrs have sacrificed their lives;

Promise to remain on my land, and not sell, neglect, nor forsake it, regardless of tyranny and cruelty;

Strive to build a society where human beings enjoy full dignity, freedom and rights as enshrined in the International Charter of Human Rights and like covenants; where there is no condition known as dhimmitude imposed by theocratic rule, regardless of its foreign land of origin;

Promise that democracy shall govern my national and political life on all levels, negating the claim of any single individual that leadership of society resides solely in his person; promise to work toward instituting the competition for public service according to the universally accepted values of honor, respect for others and mutual consent;

All this, I solemnly swear.

                                                                                                Guita G. Hourani
                                                                                                Editor In Chief

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