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Volume 4 No.2 July-December 2000

Does God love his people more than I do?

Several years ago, upon hearing me rage for more than an hour about the situation in Lebanon and particularly with regard to the Christian community, my spiritual confessor, Father Ghattas Khoury, said, "Guita, do you believe that you love your people more than God does?"

This was something I hadn't even considered, and his remark came as a sudden revelation. Overwhelmed, I replied "Of course not," recognizing that any other answer would be either blasphemy or totally insane. Then, quietly and with immense love and kindness, Father Khoury said, "Guita, pray for them through Christ our Savior; do what you are able to do for them, and leave the rest to Him."

At first, this seemed like total surrender and resignation, which I interpreted as leading to indifference and neglect of responsibility. But in following Father Khoury's wise advice, I began to feel more hopeful, more empowered. It helped me fully understand this simple truth: that I was not carrying the burden alone, but was instead helping God Himself carrying His burden.

Many times I had wanted God's actions on earth to be guided by my temporal, worldly plan of action. I now realize that without His eternal divine wisdom, all my efforts are shallow and in vain. Without Him, I cannot bring justice, equity and peace to my people or to the world. If I am offended by the wrongs my people suffer or the evils of the world, I know that God - He Who knows all and is capable of all - is offended far more deeply.

Nothing has changed in my love toward my people and my concern for their well-being, nor in my willingness to do anything in my power to ease their burden, but I know that God loves them much more and will care for them eternally. I now place them in His hands and pray that what I am doing is serving as part of His divine action on earth.

Guita G. Hourani

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