St. Peter's Center:  The Maronite-Cypriot House in Lebanon

By Guita G. Hourani
Chairwoman of MARI

St. Peter's Center: The Maronite-Cypriot House in Lebanon.
Photo courtesy of MARI (Lebanon, 1998) 

Under the patronage of his Excellency Bishop Boutros (Peter) Gemayel, the Maronite Diocese of Cyprus has established in the area of Kornat-Shehwan the Saint Peter's Center or the Maronite Cypriot House as it is commonly known. The aim of this Center is to host the Maronites who come from Cyprus to Lebanon, to strengthen ties with their Maronite Church, their history and their heritage. 

Inspired by the Synod for Lebanon, the preparations for the 2000 YEAR Jubilee and the Apostolic Exhortation, this Center serves the Church in Lebanon. It will welcome sodalities and other church lay societies and organizations, college and lower school students and Christian scouts. There will be facilities for spiritual retreats, contemplation, Christian camps whose objective is a re-invigorated morale and hope for our church and its people. 

The Center will host teachers and students from Lebanon and from afar. The month of August is reserved for the exclusive use of the Maronite Cypriots, but is available to other Maronite communities throughout the year. 

Our Cypriot brethren have been using this Center for the past five years and 2,000 of them have already visited the Center and have participated in the spiritual, educational and cultural activities. 

The Maronites of Cyprus tour the Christian areas and landmarks and visit the archeological sites and ruins. They have had audiences with the Maronite Patriarch where they have talked with His Beatitude about their concerns and that of the Church in Cyprus. They also learn and are exposed to a great deal of things from Maronite hymns to Lebanese cooking. They share their own mixed heritage of Greek-Cypriot cooking and songs with their Lebanese brethren. 

The Center consists of several flours containing a church, meeting rooms, bedrooms, small apartments with bath and kitchen, a cafeteria, communication equipment, and parking. It is centrally heated but needs no air-conditioning in the summer due to the mild and beautiful weather in that part of Lebanon. 

The Center is located in a calm area in the Montana site of the town. Father Maroun Abou Zeid and a professional staff manage it.

For further information or reservations, please contact:

Fr. Maroun Abou Zeid
at 961-3-262767
or the Office at the Center
at 961-3-295616.

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